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maraexsoft® is an animation & design studio specialized in 3D animation, motion graphics, and digital design. This website works nearly like a real animation software but with real people, with real professionals in the background. By using our services you can easily set your corporate graphics in motion. You can do that in a professional way and without any knowledge of animation or video-editing software.


Browse our portfolio. Choose any animation or graphics and let us know requested modification. We send you a price quote for customization.

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Visit our FREE Download area and download motion backgrounds, animation, and motion graphics for free. All our clips are available in Web resolution for free. Many of them are also available for free in full HD resolution. You can use them in both personal or commercial project. You can easily use them for example as non-watermarked preview.

FREE Download

Our clips are available through leading stock agencies. You can purchase our clips in Full HD resolution for very affordable prices (starting at $10) for example here:

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